Enforcement of Claims

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We handle payment disputes (up to final claim enforcment), difficult debt recovery cases (prosecuting the removal of assets from enforcement) and we deal with claims related to financial instruments, including forensic litigation.

Are you facing a challenging international dispute? We are here to offer:

In-depth Expertise in the Polish Legal Framework:

With a strong record in enforcing claims in Poland, we have experience necessary to uphold your interests in a complex cross-border business dispute.

Cross-border Cooperation:

Knowing the crucial value of international teamwork, we will prioritize close cooperation with your home-based legal team to present a common front.

Regular Communication:

You will receive regular and clear updates on your case, while your concerns, queries and feedback will be addressed without delay.

Transparent Pricing:

As a result of our competitive and transparent pricing structure, you will have clarity concerning the financial details of our services and feel confident in your investment.

No Conflict of Interest:

Our ethics-first approach guarantees that we represent your interests fully, avoiding any conflicts of interest.

Long-Term Legal Support:

Beyond the immediate dispute, we provide ongoing legal support, so that you can plan future developments.

Make your cross-border dispute manageable with our legal support.

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Together we can move towards a successful outcome.

PYTLAK // DEJA Law Firm – Expert Legal Support for Cross-Border Business Disputes in Poland.